Theres no reason not to make a decision

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Our Goal
An interactive application in the context of an exhibition, museum or fair, to make the areas of knowledge understandable and tangible. Encourage people to think about ethical and moral ideas and to support them in their personal decisions.
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What we did

The user is guided through the application in a linear process, from the requirements for organ donation to the organ donor card. In an exploratory part, he can discover additional content and information for himself. After doing research to get an overall picture of the process, we decided on a suitable narrative structure. This helped us to prepare the information and present it to the user in the form of an interactive system.

We designed and developed the prototype in Figma. The first animations were quickly built for creating variants and trying out different structures. For the implementation of the interactive communication system, we switched to Adobe After Effects and created the various animations that we embedded in the final product..