Truckmateno more tr*cking problems

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Our Goal
Global freight traffic is increasing. The entire industry is confronted with the consequences of this development on a daily basis. Particularly affected by this change are the long-distance drivers. Challenging working hours, constant time pressure and the lack of around 40,000 parking spaces on German highways are just a few of the reasons why the next generation of drivers is staying away. With TruckMate, long-distance drivers should be supported in their demanding everyday work.
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What we did

At the beginning we first determined an overview of various problems related to the topic. Based on our research, we create an overview visualizing the currently processes of a normal working day for long-distance truck drivers. Through a cooperation with the forwarding company Häberle, we were able to collect additional information about the processes.

We dealt with other vehicle systems from the automotive industry and with the general guidelines for interactive systems in vehicles. We especially liked the idea that the interaction level and the visual level do not have to be the same. After developing the concept, we put it to the test in usability testing with different test subjects including various truck drivers, with the help of several physical prototypes from Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi. The main focus of the design was on user-friendly operation while driving, and certain UI elements provided a good overview of all content.